Penguin Pals

It quickly dawned on me today that the end of the semester is almost here. Yes, December is almost here… is it just me or does it feel like it flew by so quickly?

While December tends to be a quick month, there are still plenty of opportunities for programming and community building. The end of a semester, the conclusion of finals, and the winter holidays all provide reasons to celebrate and get into the spirit of the season.

Penguin Pals

As I start my own planning for December, I created a Penguin Pals questionnaire that I’ll share with you all if you’d like to plan a gift exchange program for your residents to take part in.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you plan a gift exchange type of program to make sure it’s fun for everyone. First, let your residents know that it isn’t a requirement for them to participate- just like the majority of other programs. While it would be great if everyone participated, it isn’t fun when residents feel forced to join in. Instead, have residents sign up if they want to participate, and match names based on this list. Second, try to select a reasonable price point (perhaps no more than $5 or $10). Finally, encourage your residents to get creative or think out of the box! Perhaps they want to make their present, find something laying around their room, or offer something like a homemade dinner or tutoring services. All of this will help ensure that the program is as inclusive of all residents as possible.

Plan an event in which your residents can trade presents. Check out The RA Guide’s Pinterest boards for additional ideas on fun decorations, food and games that you can incorporate as part of your program.

Click here for the printable questionnaire sheet: Penguin Pals


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