November Programming Opportunities

November Programming

Looking for a few ideas on programming for the month of November? Here’s a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

  • November 13 is World Kindness Day. Pay it forward. For a passive program, place tear off flyers with compliments around your residence hall, give out free high fives, or write a card to a select group of your residents who you think are deserving of some recognition.
  • November 15 is National Philanthropy Day. Plan a trip out into the community with residents. Clean a park, write letters to the troops, make cards for children in the hospital, or visit a nursing home. Pick a cause that is important to your residents. The opportunities are endless.
  • November 17 is National Take a Hike Day. Plan a short outing and take a hike in your neighborhood.
  • November 19 is Have a Bad Day Day. Plan a program that helps residents relieve their stresses. Do some yoga, meditation exercises, or have them write out their stressors on a slip and crumple it all up. (Trust me on this one, it really helps!)
  • November 20 is Beautiful Day. Plan an educational event focused on body image. Show a documentary (America the Beautiful is a good one) and have residents create an artistic collage of the features that make them feel beautiful.
  • November 20 is also the Great American Smokeout. Plan an event in conjunction with the American Lung Society. Have residents help you pick up cigarette butts around your building, or have a special guest speaker come in.
  • Thanksgiving- for those of you planning on sticking around for Thanksgiving, plan a family dinner. This allows residents who are out of state, international, or those who don’t have family to go back to the opportunity to eat a hearty Thanksgiving meal with the friendly faces of your community.

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