20140720-222650-80810591.jpg You won’t be striking out with your residents when you have a fun set of door decs like these! This door dec is great for suites or apartments with multiple people because you can have up to 10 pins and a ball with this theme!

What you’ll need:

-Cardstock: red, white and black



-Black and Silver Marker


– This bowling template




1. Cut out all your shapes. You’ll need 1 ball (A), 1 pin (B), 3 small circles (C) and 2 stripes (D). 

2. Take the two red stripes and glue them onto the neck of the pin.

3. You’ll quickly notice that the stripes are longer than the width of the pin. Using a pair of scissors, cut the stripes to size by following the perimeter of the pin.

Pretty straightforward, right?


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