So sweet.

20140721-234750-85670919.jpg A collection of sweets for your sweet residents! 

This is another fairly simple door dec, where a tutorial really isn’t needed. Just cut and paste! 

Overall, you’ll need a pair of scissors, a pen to trace out the template shapes with, and some glue. In addition, you can refer below for specific items for each individual item.



Sugar Cookie

Cookie Template: A and B

-Cardstock: Beige and pastels (pink, light blue, yellow, lavender, mint green, etc.)

-Cut up excess paper into small rectangles for sprinkles


Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie Template: A

-Cardstock: brown

-Black marker- use this to draw on the chocolate chips


Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Template

-Cardstock: white or beige (for the cone), pink or blue (for the fluff)

-(optional) This example uses scrapbook paper to add an added design element



cupcake Template



Ice cream

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Template

-Cardstock: brown and pastels





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