Let’s go fly a kite

20140720-212937-77377880.jpg This past week, I ran across a small group of students who were flying kites on campus. While some people have been complaining about the weather we’ve been having around here in Albuquerque, I love that these students saw it as an opportunity and made the best of it! It was pretty awesome, and was the inspiration for today’s tutorial. Here’s a preview of another fairly simple door dec you can make. All it took was some cardstock, washi tape, and ribbon. If you haven’t used washi tape before, you’ll be able to pick up a couple of rolls from basically any craft store. I found these at the Dollar Tree, so I picked up a variety of colors and patterns! 

What you’ll need:

kite supplies

– Ribbon in a variety of colors

-Cardstock in a variety of colors

-Washi tape, in a variety of colors and patterns

– This Kite template

-Hot Glue Gun




kite instructions

1. Cut out all your pieces, using the template. You’ll need a total of 2 small triangles (A), 2 large triangles (B) s and 3 bows (C). 

2. Lay the triangles out. The two small triangles will go on the top, and the large triangles will make up the bottom portion of the kite.

3. Using the washi tape, carefully tape the pieces together. The washi tape should be placed on the front of the kite.

4. Cut your ribbon to be approximately 8 inches in length. Glue one end of the ribbon to the back side of the kite. When the ribbon is secure, turn the kite around so the front is facing you. Glue the bows (C pieces) on the ribbon, toward the bottom of the kite shape. 

As an alternative to gluing the paper bow shapes onto the ribbon, you may also try cutting 2 inch lengths of ribbon and tying it onto the longer piece. 




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