Dressed to Impress

I’m always up for reader suggestions, so thank you to Shannon M. for the inspiration to today’s post! Shannon requested a dress to go along with the Suit Up door dec that was first created more than a year ago. I’ll keep this post short with the promise of more to come, but here’s a quick borrowed tutorial on how to make an origami dress. 

Dressed to Impress

I found a great already-exisiting video tutorial on how to construct these super cute origami dresses. Previously, I had been searching for good instructions that don’t leave you hanging on interpreting vague drawings. If the thought of origami is a bit intimidating, don’t worry because this was pretty simple as long as you follow the directions step by step. I’m so happy that I found this video!

What you’ll need: 

-Scrapbook paper of various colors and patterns


-tape (optional)


If you’re building your dresses to match the Suit Up door dec, I’d recommend using a piece of scrapbook paper cut to approximately 8×8″. Tape is optional, but as you complete the last steps of creating your origami dress, you’ll quickly notice it’ll be useful in taping the back flaps so the dress can lie flat and in place. Once you’ve completed everything, you can start writing your residents’ names on the dress. 

dressed to impress


I absolutely love the flexibility this design allows in matching patterns and colors to each residents’ personal tastes. These were surprisingly easy to make, and once you get past the first test-run of the tutorial, you’ll be able to flip these out quickly!



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