A ‘pop’ of color

I recently hosted a program for our summer residents, in which one of our sponsors provided free samples of their handcrafted gourmet popsicles. They were absolutely delicious, and they inspired today’s door dec.


Here’s what you’ll need:


You’ll also need: scissors, glue, letter stickers or a marker to write out names, and this popsicle template.The circle punch we used is a scalloped version. It is optional, but it is a great tool for not only this project, but for many others that you’ll probably see on here. If you have a few dollars to invest in one, I’d certainly suggest it. If not, don’t fret! A pair of scissors will do the trick just as well.


Popsicle steps







1. Using the popsicle template, cut out the patterned paper and cardstock accordingly.

2. Once your paper is all cut out, match up each pair of patterned paper and cardstock. Using the scalloped circle punch, punch out the corner of both pieces of paper. The end result should resemble a bite taken out of the popsicle. If you don’t have a circle punch, you can still add the same effect by cutting out a bite with a pair of scissors. Or, you can choose to not add this embellishment.

3. Glue the popsicle stick onto the cardstock. Once this is done, add some glue onto the top layer of the popsicle stick, and glue the patterned paper on top. The popsicle stick should be sandwiched in between the patterned paper and the cardstock.

4. Write out the name onto the popsicle. I chose to use some old letter stickers that I stumbled upon, but you can also choose to simply use a marker.

completed popsicle

Look at how cute and colorful these came out!













 Bulletin Boards

  • Sweet Sayings: Put together an inspiration board. Find some of your favorite quotes and sayings, and provide your residents to share some of their favorites too!

Hall Decorations

  • Popsicles scream summer (at least they do to me!). Using butcher paper, cut out different images that you think of when ‘summer’ comes to mind. Think along the lines of a large sun, flip flops, sunglasses, etc.


  • PopQuiz: Sometimes, it can be difficult to get residents out of their room to an event. Switch things around and go to them! Before your event, prepare a list of fun trivia questions. Find a popular location in your community (a lounge, the main lobby, or even an elevator) and ask people to answer your questions. If they answer correctly, give them a popsicle!
  • Friendship Bracelets: Check out these fun and easy bracelets made out of a popsicle stick! Host this program at the beginning of the year. Start the event off by coming up with an icebreaker to get residents moving around the room and meeting new people. Try something like Sorts and Mingle or even something like Famous Pairs. The goal is to pair the resident up with someone they don’t already know. Once they have been paired, give them the chance to get to know one another- provide some questions to guide them in case things start out quiet. As they learn about one another, have them decorate a bracelet for their new friend using different colors and patterns of washi tape.
  • Resident Appreciation: Think of this as a continuous personal challenge throughout the semester or year. Put together a list of simple things you can do as a RA to make your residents’ day. This might include: “give a resident a high five,” “write out a note of appreciation,” or “sit with a student who is by themselves at the dining hall.” Write each of these items on a popsicle stick and place them all into a bucket. Pull a random popsicle stick and challenge yourself to complete the chosen task by the end of each week.

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