Day 18: Buttons

Oh my, where did July go?

On another note, we got a request for a construction theme through one of our awesome blog readers. What a great idea- thanks Denisse! So as we strategize how to make this happen, we’d encourage everyone else out there to please send in your wonderful ideas. Feel free to comment on any of our posts, or send us an email at

For now, here’s an easy button theme:

Buttons! Day 18 of 30 days of inspiration.

What you’ll need:

Buttons! Day 18 of 30 days of inspiration.You’ll need black paper, a variety of colored paper, a circle punch and a plate to trace around. In addition, you’ll want to have a pen/pencil to trace around the plate, and some glue. Optional: Use some yarn to drape around the buttons to complete the theme.


Buttons! Day 18 of 30 days of inspiration.

1. Using the circle punch, cut out 4 circles from the black paper.

2. Trace the plate and cut out a big circle from the colored paper. Place the four small black circles in the middle so it resembles a button and secure with glue. Write the resident’s name on the button.


Buttons! Day 18 of 30 days of inspiration.


Bulletin Boards

  • Sew much fun: Have a running bulletin board theme throughout the semester, but keep it fresh by changing the type of activity on it each month. Consider posting a giant crossword, word search Sudoku or coloring page on it for residents to complete as they pass by.

Hall Decorations

  • Create a giant needle out of aluminum foil or butcher paper. Using yarn, “thread” the needle, and have the yarn randomly run throughout your hallway walls.


  • Sewing 101: Sewing is a useful skill to have, especially if you lose a button, or find a tear in your shirt. Bring someone in to teach your residents basic sewing skills for common issues they might come across in college. Purchase a travel sewing kit for each resident to follow along as they learn, and to take home with them.
  • Button up: Contact your campus career center, and possibly some local clothing stores. Host a job interview fashion show, featuring different looks such as business casual or professional wear.
  • Project Linus: Even if your residents can’t sew, you can still get together and craft. Create tie blankets as a community and donate them to an organization such as Project Linus.



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