Day 17: Jetsetter

Jetsetter hall theme. Day 17 of 30 days of inspiration through the RA Guide.What you’ll need:

Jetsetter hall theme. Day 17 of 30 days of inspiration through the RA Guide.You’ll also want to have a glue stick, tape and a sharpie. Finally, here’s the template for the plane. Print it off so it is about 1/8 of a 8.5×11″ sheet of regular printing paper.



Jetsetter hall theme. Day 17 of 30 days of inspiration through the RA Guide.1. Using this template, trace and cut out 10 planes per door dec.

2. We went with two different alternating colors, but you can choose whatever combination and pattern of colors you’d like. Place them into the pattern that you’d like.

3. Tape the string onto one side of the plane. Continue until you’ve stringed together 5 planes.

4. Next, you’re going to glue another plane cut out over the string and tape. Continue until all 5 are covered.

5. Write the resident’s name on one of the planes. Tape up onto their door using a piece of tape on the first and last planes of the pennant.

Jetsetter hall theme. Day 17 of 30 days of inspiration through the RA Guide.

Bulletin Boards

  • Place a map of the world onto a bulletin board, along with small slips of paper, a pen, and three different colored tacks. Place a color coded chart up with the following directions: Red tacks: Places people have lived before; Blue tacks: Places residents have visited before; and Green tacks: Places people want to go one day. Have residents write their name on a slip of paper and post them around the map using the colored tacks. This is a great opportunity to learn something new about a fellow resident, or seek someone out who has lived somewhere that another resident longs to visit.

Hall Decorations

  • Place pictures of places around the world throughout your hall. Look to travel magazines for easy tear-out photos.


  • Hand out travel sized tissues and hand sanitizer around flu and cold season with information on how to avoid getting sick.
  • Have a paper airplane making and throwing contest. Give special awards to the best design, the one that travels the farthest, and voter’s choice.
  • Contact upperclassman students who have studies abroad before, or perhaps even students who are studying abroad at your school. Invite your residents to join for lunch or dinner and have this panel speak about their experiences and offer advice. Consider contacting your study abroad department as well to hand out information and talk about the first steps.






2 thoughts on “Day 17: Jetsetter

  1. Love the blog! just an idea, you should make one of a residence under construction such as hard hats or a tool box. cant wait to see more!

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