Day 14: Letters


We found a wooden letter on super, super clearance during an impromptu trip to the craft store today. Not ones to pass up a good deal, we decided to grab it. Wooden letters however can be pretty cost effective even if you don’t run into a major sale. Or, you can choose to make this using a die cut machine and card stock.

What you’ll need:


You’ll additionally want to have a large paintbrush, hot glue gun and a pair of scissors. We use chipboard letters to add the name, but this can also be written on with a sharpie.


Steps1. Dip the paintbrush into the mod podge and paint a thin layer onto the front of the wooden letter. Make sure to thoroughly cover the letter.

2. Place the scrapbook paper onto the letter, pressing down firmly and smoothing out with your hand. If you have a lot of bubbles in the paper, you may use the side of a credit card or your student ID to flatten those out.

3. Cut off the remaining paper, using the x-acto knife to cut out the middle of the letter or cut closely to the perimeter. Be extremely careful when handling the x-acto knife.

4. Using the extra paper, cut out two circles of different sizes.

5. Use the scissors to cut out a spiral starting from the edge of the shape. It does not by any means have to be perfect. In fact, the less perfect it is, the better.

6. Starting with the innermost point of the spiral, tightly curl the paper around one of your fingers. When you unwrap it (and it should come apart by just letting go), you should have a rough form of a rolled paper flower. Place it together per your satisfaction and glue together. Repeat this step to make a second flower.

7. You can then use the rolled paper flower as an embellishment by glueing them onto the letter and writing the residents’ name out.


Bulletin Boards

  • Alphabet Soup: ResLife has a ton of acronyms. Start off the year with a bulletin board explaining what they all mean so your residents are in on the lingo.

Hall Decorations

  • Find inspirational quotes and dress them up by placing them on scrapbook paper.


  • Letter program: Send letters to the troops through A Million Thanks
  • Upcycling: We reused an item that we didn’t necessarily like the look of, but were able to dress it up according to our tastes through some arts and crafts. Check out some other things you and your residents can make.
  • Living the Letter: Contact your campus LGBTQ center and collaborate on a program together. Living the Letter is a program that allows volunteers to share their personal stories and challenges that they’ve faced for identifying as an individual within the LGBTQ umbrella. The purpose of this program is to show that behind each of these terms is a real person with real struggles. Pair it up with Ally Week (October 21-25) and offer the opportunity for residents to pledge to be an ally. Taking this action will help make others more aware of anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and name-calling and help generate support throughout the year.



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