Day 12: Circus

We’d like to say that these door decs turned out (ele)phantastic! (PS the name was written on the balloon, but it just didn’t show up on the picture).

A Circus Theme. Day 12 of the 30 Day Inspiration Challenge.

What you’ll need:

A Circus Theme. Day 12 of the 30 Day Inspiration Challenge.
You’ll want to have a piece of yarn or string, black cardstock, scrapbook paper, a circle punch or something circular to trace, tape, a marker and glue. You’ll also need this template.

1. Punch or cut out a small circle, about 2″ in diameter.
2. Tape the end of a piece of string onto the back of the circle. Set this balloon aside.
3. Using the template, cut out the various shapes.
4. Glue the shapes together using the final photo as a guide. Glue the end of the balloon string to the elephant’s trunk, and place everything onto the black piece of card stock. You can then draw on eyes and write the residents’s name on the balloon.

Bulletin Boards

  • The greatest residents on earth: have a resident of the week board featuring all your residents thought the year. Send out surveys to everyone asking for fun facts such as their favorite color, book, or why they chose to live on campus.

Hall Decorations

  • Make pennants using string and triangle cut pieces of colored paper. Hang this pennant in your hallway. Using red and white streamers, you can also add a circus tent effect by draping them throughout your hallway. If you’re looking for some ideas to post on the walls, try making giant circus peanuts, a ticket or signs for special sights such as the bearded lady or strong man.


  • Take the concept of the bearded lady and host a program that explores women in the media. Using clips of popular songs, movies or tv shows, have a conversation about how women are portrayed in the media, societal views and expectations, and breaking past that mold.
  • Host a small carnival using easy games. Sell tickets and donate the money to a local charity.
  • Host a talent show, featuring residents’ various strengths.

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