Day 11: Garden


These door decs will make you hall come to life as an indoor garden.

What you’ll need:

You’ll want to have a sheet of card stock (orange, brown or golden rod yellow would work as a terra cotta pot look, otherwise any color will do. Additionally, you will need a glue gun and fake flowers. We chose to add the name using letter stickers we found at the craft store.


1. Cut the flowers off of their stems.
2. Using the template below, cut out the shapes using card stock and glue them together.

3. Glue the flower on the top end of the newly created flower pot.
4. Add the name onto the door dec.

Bulletin boards
Stop and smell the roses: post information on fun ways to relax and take a break from studying

Hall decorations
Create white picket fences and lawn ornaments such as a gnome or a flamingo.

– Host a “pot party.” Prepare dirt and flower seeds, and have residents start their own garden.

– Go for a nature hike as a group.

– Host a garden tea party. You can have information on tea from various locations and the large cultural part it plays in some areas of the world. Invite people to dress up, and have cookies and mini sandwiches.


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