Day 10: Harry Potter

Make it a magical year, with this Harry Potter themed hall!


What you’ll need:

You’ll need black card stock, two pieces of colored felt based on the different houses, your resident’s name printed out into a sheet of paper, and a hot glue gun. We downloaded the Harry P font through



1. Cut a 1″ strip out of one of the pieces of felt. Set it aside.

2. Cut the same size strip using the corresponding colored felt. Cut out 1″ wide squares using this piece of fabric.

3. Glue the squares onto the long strip of felt, spacing them about 1″ apart from one another.

4. Fray the ends of the newly formed scarf by carefully cutting small strips. Do the same to the other side.

5. Cut out the name and paste it onto the black card stock.

6. Glue the scarf onto the card stock, by the name.

Bulletin board
– 50 life lessons learned from Harry Potter

Hall decorations
Enlarge and print the book covers on poster paper, and hang them up.

– Potions class: do an alcohol education 101 program. Have recipes available for mocktails, and ingredients to mix them with.

– Transfigurations class: have a sustainability competition. Collect boxes and other recyclables and have residents create their best possible Hogwarts rendition.

– Defense against the dark arts: host a self defense intro course, and provide info to residents about campus safety.


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