Day 9: Oh Snap!

With today’s photo theme, we’re using the idea of photo booth props as door decs. Super simple, super easy, but still super fun.


What you’ll need:


You’ll need a small sheet of scrapbook paper, a glue gun and paper straw. You can now get paper straws at most places that sell party goods; we got our pack at Target for a pretty reasonable price. Finally, you’ll want the following template for the mustache.


1. Cut out the mustache shape using the template.


2. Glue the mustache onto the end of the paper straw.

3. Write the name out, and you’re done.


Bulletin Board
I Mustache you a question: have a question of the week prepared and have residents respond to it. Provide them with blank space on the board and some markers.

Hall decorations
Hang some twine and clothes pins throughout your hall. Have residents add pictures that they take throughout the semester.

– Put up a photo booth in your hall to be used during the first week of school. Give residents a copy of their picture, but keep a copy to make a yearbook.

– Have everyone put together a list of college memories they’d like to have before the end of the year, such as attending a football game together. Treat it like a community checklist, and work together to complete the list.


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