Day 8*: Maps

We realize this blog’s a tad bit late- we spent all of yesterday traveling. With no Internet access, we’re doing some improv and blogging via phone. The great thing about being in Res Life? We’re pros at being flexible. We’ll have another post sometime today to make up for this, we promise!

They say that home is where the heart is, and with all the traveling we’re doing right now, we picked up a map and made a door dec. This would be a great way to showcase where your residents are from.

What you’ll need:


You’ll need a sheet of card stock, a pair of scissors and glue. You can choose to use a map or print out some google map locations. Check out AAA or a thrift store if you’re looking for maps. We additionally embellished it using ribbon and chipboard letters.



1. Cut the map out into a smaller shape. We chose a heart.

2. Paste the cut out map onto the card stock.

3. We embellished the door decs using ribbon and chipboard letters. Write out the name with a marker if you want a simpler look.


Bulletin Board
Put a world map up and some pushpins. Have residents mark where they are from.

Hall decorations
Make a paper chain using left over map pieces. String it throughout your community.

– Host a potluck. Have residents bring a dish that represents where they are from. You can keep that open for interpretation. You can additionally have them write out the recipe on a card, collect them and create a recipe book for your hall.

– With this project reusing some old maps, plan a sustainability themed program. Host a fashion show, and have residents create their clothing using recycled goods. You’ll be amazed with what they can come up with!

– Plan a photo scavenger hunt around campus. Feature places that would be beneficial for residents to know about, such as the gym, the financial aid office, or the tutoring center. Add in some fun places that every student simply has to know about before they graduate.


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