Here we go!

HoorayIt has been close to a year since The RA Guide has been on Pinterest, and it has been amazing to see what started out as a source of inspiration for a small group of RAs become something that has been utilized across the country.

We hope that this blog can be a continuation of everything that Pinterest has been able to do for us. A number of the items that have been pinned have been from within actual residence halls at various colleges and universities. We’ve been able to share wonderful door decs, bulletin boards and programs that real student leaders have successfully implemented and it has been a joy to see the continual sharing of such amazing ideas and creativity. We’ve also pinned items with potential for ResLife purposes inspired from classrooms, scrapbooking, or even as far off as baby shower planning. We’ll take these ideas and make them come to life through tips, tricks and tutorials through this blog.

This will also be an opportunity for you to show off what you or a fellow RA have created. So often, we’ve run into some great ideas on Pinterest but didn’t have the opportunity to give credit where credit was due. We encourage you to take pictures of your communities and programs throughout the year and send them to us to feature on the blog for others to see. You can always email us at

We’ve got big ideas. We’re passionate about quality community building, and we hope you’ll join us.

Now, we’re curious about what you think! What kinds of things would you like to see on here?


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